Hey everyone, I’ve updated the layout of the controls. The image below shows you what is new:

Smartlink Changes
Smartlink Changes

Please leave a comment below (or on any of the pages) for any questions you have.


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  1. I recently purchased this app, and used it in a game session. It’s tailor made for our purposes, and it really helped us keep initiative under control.

    We play twice a month, so we’re likely to use your app a great deal. If you have any interest in having playtest feedback, we’d love to help you make this app even better.

    It’s great there are other people out there besides us not just playing Shadowrun, but Third Edition.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      That would be great. I prefer to have an app everyone likes to use, so any feedback is fantastic.

      I am thinking about adding in other things that do not affect initiative, such as spells and flashpaks and so on. Just so all that extra details can be in one place.

      Sorry for delay in response, this wasn’t sent to my inbox.

  2. There is no modifier for technomancer initiative for 4E in this app. They have (intuition x 2)+1 and 3 passes. Since I can’t input resonance or tap a slider for technomancer the calculation comes out wrong. I like this app so far and I want to use it, but that needs to be fixed for my use.

  3. Hello. Love the app, but I had to restore my phone and I’m using SR5 rules. The in app purchase wasn’t there. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Matthew,

      If you try it again on Smartlink App, the App Store will say something like ‘You already purchased this In App Purchase for this account, click to download again.’.

      It will not charge you again.


  4. Hello,

    I just upgraded my iPhone and redownloaded the app. I had previously purchased the full version in app but for some reason it will not acknowledge that I have. Do I need to repuchase the full version again?

    Thank you,


    1. Hey Alex! Sorry for the delay in responding.

      I suggest deleting the App from your iPhone, then re installing it from the App Store.

      If you aren’t sure you can delete by tapping the Smartlink Icon, and holding your finger on it until it wiggles. Click the X in the upper left corner.


  5. When I try to buy the full version of the app in app I keep getting the message that it can not contact the app store. However all my other apps can contact the app store so I am assuming this is a problem with this specific apps functioning. I would really like to purchase this so I can use it for SR5

    1. Hi James,

      Did you have any luck with the App? I did a google search and it seems it is a common problem:

      I suggest stopping the app by pressing the home button twice and swiping the screenshot of the app up to end it.

      If that doesn’t work, do you have in app purchases disabled? You can find that in Settings > General > Restrictions.

      I’ll need to put some better alerts on the next so that when you click ‘Full Version’, you’ll know why it fails.


  6. I used to use this app on my old iPhone and liked it, but now I have a new android phone and noticed the app in not available. Are there any plans on creating an android version?

  7. Any chance you will make this for iPad? I can use it but everything is gigantic and wasteful of that big screen. :) Otherwise, amazingly good app.

    1. Hi Kendall,

      What did you have in mind for iPad? New design or more effective use of space? Putting more table rows on the screen is a lot easier than trying to determine a new layout.


  8. Love this going to start using this for my regular game just wondering Any chance your working on adding drones/automated defenses to this only thing I feel is missing

    1. Hi Brett,

      Version 2.4.1 is in Apples review queue, which adds iCloud support.

      2.4.2 will have a ‘less detail’ mode, which will support drones,spirits,sprites, awakened, etc.

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