Initiative Results

Initiative Results

This screen is shown after the app has auto calculated initiative, and PCs have input the initiative they rolled.  Here you see all the initiatives, as well as damage levels.  You can add damage or initiative modifiers here (such as spells) by tapping on the PC or NPC.  Tapping Next Pass decreases everyone’s initiative by 10 for SR3 and reduces the number of initiative passes for SR4.  Tapping Reroll Init resets all of the initiative and brings you back to the input screen.  Tapping next round brings you back to the “attack tab”, where you choose combatants.


In our example above you can see that:

  • Hobo with a roomsweeper has a moderate wound (3 boxes)
  • Hobo with a roomsweeper is a PC (manual initiative)
  • NPC2 has a severe wound (6 boxes) and 9 boxes of stun damage
  • NPC2 is a NPC (auto initiative)

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