Attack Tab

Here you choose who is part of the combat.  Also, you get an overview of spells and status of PCs and NPCs.  Please see the sample image below.


In the above image, you can see that:

  • Fourth Edition (SR4) is selected
  • Hobo with a roomsweeper, Leeroy Jenkins, NPC2, Psy are all in the combat (bright blue)
  • Hobo with a roomsweeper has “Increase Intuition” and “Increase Reaction” active
  • NPC1 is dead (grey shade)
  • NPC2 is adding Edge to his initiative Roll (both with rule of 6)
  • Psy is using Edge to go first
  • Rick James is unconscious (darker blue shade)

After choosing combatants and clicking next, the input initative screen is displayed for characters who do not have auto initiative.

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