Here you can edit the app behaviour and appearance, for a breakdown see below the image.


Default System

The first option lets you choose your default rules edition.  SR3 or SR4.

Initiative below zero

If you want to support initiative below zero, this enables or disables that feature.  If unchecked, anything below zero gets rounded up to zero.

Automatic overflow damage

Whenever you tap on ‘Next Round’ and a PC or NPC is dying, this will add an extra box of physical damage if checked.  See the end of SR3, combat chapter for information on overflow damage.

Status notify between rounds

If any PCs or NPCs are unconscious, dead, or dying and this is checked then you will get an alert each round of the PC or NPC status.  If left unchecked, then you will not get these alerts.

PC Status colours

This will shade PCs and NPCs different colours based on the status (unconscious, dying, dead). If there is none of the above statuses, then it is not shaded.

Initiative modifier notify

This shows an alert of the effect of spells and initiative modifiers.

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