Character Details (SR3)

Character Details

This lets you tweak the character away from the default settings. The app only needs information that applies to initiative or damage.

On the character detail screen, you can do three things:

  1. Done, tap this when you are done updating the character
  2. Trash can, tap this to delete the character
  3. Character stats. Below the screenshot is the description for each of the fields.

Initiative (required)

This is the full ‘regular’ physical initiative.  Include permanent modifications such as cyberware and bioware but do not include spells.  If you are creating a PC, this controls the range you are allowed to input.  If this is an NPC, then this is what is ‘automatically rolled’.

Reaction (required)

This is your reaction (quickness + intelligence).  In the Smartlink app, it is only used as a ‘tie-breaker’ for initiative ties.

Automated Rolls (required)

This is important.  If you set this to ON, then the Smartlink app rolls initiative for you.  If you set it to OFF, then it asks you to input the initiative.  Typically, for an NPC you would set this to ON and for a PC you would set this to OFF.

Physical Overflow (optional, recommended)

This is your body rating, and it also how many extra boxes of damage above deadly physical damage you can take.  Concerning the app, it is used to inform the GM when a character is either dying or dead.  Please see the end of the combat chapter in SR3 for more information.

Pain Resistance (optional, adept power)

This is the number of boxes of damage you can receive before any damage penalties.  For more information please see the Adept rules in the magic chapter of SR3.

High Pain Tolerance (optional, Shadowrun Companion 3rd edition)

This is similar to pain resistance but is active for only one condition monitor box per level.  Please see the Shadowrun Companion for more game details.

Low Pain Tolerance (optional, Shadowrun Companion 3rd edition)

This penalty causes modifiers for damage to be 1 level higher.  So, with a light wound you would get -2 penalty (instead of -1).  Please see Shadowrun Companion for more game details.

Adrenaline Surge (optional, Shadowrun Companion 3rd edition)

This bonus allows your character to achieve a much higher initiative score (use rule of six) at a penalty to combat & perception tests (+1 TN to both).  Please see the rules in Shadowrun companion.

Simsense Vertigo (optional, Shadowrun Companion 3rd edition)

Not very common, but does affect initiative.  If you happen to be interacting with simsense technology and you have this penalty and are in combat, then you have trouble (-1 initiative).  Please see the rules in Shadowrun companion.

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