SR4 Edge (after initiative roll)





PC Edge (manual initiative)

Below is the screen you will see when you choose to use edge on a PC.  Since the GM input the final initiative of the character, only two options are needed for PCs.edgepc



With the app, we only need to know if the Player Character is using edge to act first or for +1 initiative pass.  The combatants are re-sorted after an edge use is chosen.

NPC Edge (auto initiative)

Since NPCs are calculated automatically, we need to have the extra edge options for initiative.


  • Add Edge Roll to Initiative
    • This only adds edge (with rule of 6) to the initiative score
    • The base initiative roll does not get rule of 6
  • Reroll Initiative Misses
    • As described.  Any misses get rerolled.
  • Act First in Initiative Pass
    • As described.  Multiple PCs/NPCs using this have ties broken as per initiative rules
  • +1 Initiative Pass
    • NPC gets an extra pass


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