Character Details (SR4)

Because of the different rule system, the SR4 character was created with a different approach.  There are four areas that one can edit a character: Attributes, Qualities, Adept Powers, and Augmentations.



Body, Reaction, Intuition, Willpower – These are your attribute scores BEFORE any modifiers from the other sections (qualities,adept powers, augmentations).

Max Body, Max Reaction, etc. –  Since the various races have different values, the default here is 9 (for human).  These give a limit to the various enhancements.

Edge – This isn’t tracked in Smartlink app, but the app does allow you to use it.

Automated Initiative –  Want to speed up the dice rolling?  Set this to on and your initiative is auto calculated by the app.

Initiative, Initiative Passes, Damage Tracks – These are derived stats that come from what you fill in the other fields.


All of the listed qualities are in the SR4 base rules and do affect Smartlink app.  Please fill in the fields according to your PC/NPC.

Adept Powers

If your character is an adept, please fill in the two fields that affect Smartlink app.  Other adept powers do not affect initiative, so are ignored.


The listed augmentations affect either initiative, or the damage tracks.  Please fill in as you need for your PCs/NPCs.


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